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College Recruitment

This page is for parents and student-athletes going through the college recruitment process. We have compiled recruitment forms from schools in the New England Area at the Division 2 and 3 level. Our advice is to start at the D3 level and work your way up. Leveraging interest with teams within the conference before bumping up a level. Students and parents should also look into the popular majors and academics at schools of interest to be sure they align with student-athletes academic needs. Click on conferences to visit main page, schools names will bring you to recruit questionnaires.  ***Many of the schools listed use Recruit Spot click here to create a profile***

Steps to Follow 

  1. Fill out Recruit Questionnaire
  2. Follow up with coach via Phone/Email 
  3. Send highlight/game film
  4. Schedule visit/ interview 
  5. Submit Application/Financial Aid


NCAA Division 3

Visit for more info on Division 3 Schools across the country 

NCAA Division 2

Visit for more info on nearby Division 2 schools 

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